Cutting edge security features

RoadFlex securityChip in every card issued
Flag suspicious activityReceive alerts for all suspicious activity
Card locking to prevent fraudEasily lock cards through the dashboard
RoadFlex security
Most modern security technology
RoadFlex cards include built-in modern security features, including a chip to protect your account and private information.
Modern security
Get alerted for suspicious activity
Get notified in real-time of suspicious transactions. You can set controls and rules to to lock and stop misuse / fraud before it happens.
Control every dollar
Added protection with SMS-based security
Each RoadFlex card is linked to a cell phone number to protect it from abuse or fraud. The cards will be unlocked for use following our SMS card unlock process. So in case it is lost or stolen, you can still have peace of mind.
Added protection
Connect to your telematics for next-generation security
Connect your telematics to RoadFlex and verify that the card and vehicles are at the same location before it can be used. Block transactions that aren't physically close to an associated fleet vehicle.
Telematics integration to detect fraud
Manage your fleet
expenses with RoadFlex
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