Zero-Fee Fuel Card For
Small & Medium
Advantages of using RoadFlex
No Fees, Ever
No Fees, Ever
No transaction fees, no monthly fees, no set up fees, no nonsense.
Competitive Discounts
Competitive Discounts
Discounts at all fuel stations and truck stops nationwide where VISA is accepted.
Pay For Other Fleet Expenses
Pay For Other Fleet Expenses
Pay for fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance, truck rentals and more.
Competitive Discounts
Smart Platform to manage your entire fleet
Insights you can use to supercharge your fleet operations.
Track All Your Expenses
Track All Your Expenses Across Your Entire Fleet.
Control All Purchases
Control All Purchases And Set Spending Limits For Each Card And Driver.
Prevent Fraud And Unauthorized Usage
Prevent Fraud And Unauthorized Usage By Connecting Your Fuel Card With Your ELD System.
Grow Your Truck Business with RoadFlex
Your fuel card should do more than just hold your money and charge you fees. You can use our card anywhere, with zero fees and with competitive discounts for every purchase.
Discounted gallons
Monthly fee
Per-transaction fee
ACH transfer fee
Overlimit fee
Set up fee
Others Card
Only for first 5,000 gallons
$4 - $12 per card per month
Up to $10
Up to $10
Up to 60% per instance
Up to $75
RoadFlex Card
No limit!
Customers save over $3,350 a year per truck with RoadFlex!
What our Customers are saying
Hear from thousands of fleets that use RoadFlex
RoadFlex made me realize how much extra other fuel cards were charging me. I love the fact that I can save so much with RoadFlex as there are no fees whatsoever! Thanks again.
Ricky Trans LLC
I am very grateful for RoadFlex. It has great discounts and works at all fuel stations. They gave me 3 times higher credit limit than with other fuel cards. It’s been great so far and their customer support team is very responsive.
Gardner Trucking
I was previously spending countless hours managing expenses for my drivers. I don’t have to do that anymore. RoadFlex automates this and helps me save both time and money. Great product.
Cardinal Trucking
RoadFlex is a fuel card I can depend on. No problem or issues with it, it’s been great so far. In the last 5 months, they helped me start building my business credit score so I can get lower insurance premiums.
Catipan Logistics
No Personal Guarantee or deposit needed, only EIN
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