Smarter fuel cards for fleets of any size

RoadFlex fuel cards are universally accepted at all fuel stations and allow users to customize rules and control for each card and driver
No personal credit checks or personal guarantee for RoadFlex Unlimited
RoadFlex fleetcard
Competitive Discounts
Competitive Discounts
Enjoy competitive discounts at all fuel stations and truck stops. Find the lowest fuel prices using the RoadFlex Driver App.
Accepted Nationwide
Accepted Nationwide
Use our cards anywhere Visa is accepted. Never worry about out-of-network fuel stations or fees again.
Pay For Other Fleet Expenses
Pay For Other Fleet Expenses
Enable fuel-only purchases or allow your drivers to spend on fleet expenses such as maintenance, tires or parking.
Control every dollar spent
Control every dollar spent
Set rules and spending limits for each card or driver, issue cards instantly and authorize payments in real-time.
Reporting & Tracking
Reporting & Tracking
Get full visibility into every dollar spent using RoadFlex spend management platform. See all digital transaction details by card.
Prevent Card Misuse & Fraud
Prevent Card Misuse & Fraud
Leverage RoadFlex SMS Security with Telematics to validate legitimate spending and receive real-time alerts to block fraud in its tracks.
More than just a fuel card
RoadFlex fuel card options built to handle the specific needs of your fleet ⎯ and much more.
RoadFlex Unlimited
Roadflex unlimited
A Visa pre-funded fuel card designed for small to medium fleets
No spending limits
Build business credit
Get approved same day regardless of credit score
Can be used for all fleet and business related expenses anywhere that accepts Visa
3¢ per gallon of unlimited discounts at all fuel stations and truck stops nationwide
Account set-up fee
Card fees
(Basic features only)
per card per month
Premium features fee
(telematics, fraud prevention)
RoadFlex Prestige
Roadflex unlimited
A Charge card with a credit line designed for medium to large fleets
Purchase fuel anywhere that accepts Visa
Customize spend limits and card controls for each vehicle and driver
Eliminate fuel theft and card fraud with advanced security features
Centralized reporting, visibility into every dollar spend
2¢ per gallon of unlimited discounts at all fuel stations and truck stops nationwide
Account set-up fee
Card fees
(Basic features only)
per card per month
Premium features fee
(telematics, fraud prevention)
RoadFlex Premium Features
Add RoadFlex Premium features as you see fit
A suite of features to help you streamline operations and increase financial security
☆ SMS Unlock to ensure cards are only used by authorized users
☆ Telematics integration to eliminate fraud and card misuse
☆ Set working hours for each of your drivers
☆ Whitelist/Block specific high risk merchants from being used
☆ Accounting integration: easy export for accounting software
☆ Multi-user dashboard logins for each driver
☆ Priority support and an assigned Account Manager
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What our clients say about us
It's been great so far - RoadFlex is very easy to use and their customer service is great! They also help me build business credit score over time!
Keep it Moving Hauling II
I am grateful for RoadFlex. They offer great discounts and their cards work at all fuel stations. RoadFlex also helps us automate expense management and we are able to access the details of each transaction.
Baker Nation Transports
RoadFlex has been great! It is easy to use and I was able to quickly set up a card for each of my drivers and vehicles. I got approved for a high credit limit and can use my RoadFlex cards for all types of fleet expenses on top of fuel expenses.
AKC Home Improvements
RoadFlex helped me realize how much extra other fuel cards were charging me. I love the fact that I can save so much with RoadFlex by cutting extra fees, finding the cheapest gas stations and getting the highest gas discounts. Thank you RoadFlex!
Ricky Trans LLC
Centralize your fleet expense management
Optimize your entire Fleet spending process with precise tracking and reporting using our user-friendly dashboard. Access unlimited ad-hoc reporting and IFTA reporting any time at no additional charge.
Accepted at any gas station where VISA is accepted
RoadFlex cards can be used at any fueling station or truck stop where Visa is accepted. Never worry about fees incurred from using out-of-network fuel stations. Receive fuel discounts at the time of purchase nationwide.
Accepted at any gas
See where each dollar is spent
Track where and when your vehicles and cards are being used. Get alerted on suspicious transactions and lock the cards in a few seconds.
Dollar spent on
Assign and closely track users on the platform
Easily assign cards to drivers and see what they use it for, including granular transaction details such as fuel type, per gallon price, location and total discounts received.
Assign and track
Set rules and limits for each card and driver
Easily assign rules for vehicles and drivers. This includes spending limits, number of transactions a day, types of merchants and stores and hours of the day.
Rules and limits
Eliminate the need of reimbursements
Set card spending rules and approve purchases in real-time through your RoadFlex dashboard. No more need to reimburse your drivers for work-related expenses.
Modern security controls to protect your Fleet
RoadFlex makes it easy to restrict spending and the available merchants where cards can be used. Our card-control features makes it easy to set spending limits and merchant availability.
Security controls
Say goodbye to paper receipts
Automatically receive detailed digital records of all your transactions. No more need to ask your drivers to remember each receipt.
Spending by categories
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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