Control & reporting

Control & Visibility for all spending

Set rules and spending limits for each card or driver, issue cards instantly and authorize payments in real-time. Leverage the RoadFlex dashboard to see where every dollar is being spent on.
Control & reporting
One dashboard for everything
Monitor transactions per crew, project or client. See line item purchase details, add operational hours and monitor savings in real time. Say goodbye to tiresome paperwork, keeping track of receipts or calculating reimbursements. Take full control of your crew's expenses with RoadFlex.
RoadFlex dashboard
Set rules and limits for each card and driver
Easily assign rules for vehicles and drivers. This includes spending limits, number of transactions a day, types of merchants and stores and hours of the day.
Rules and limits
Assign and closely track users on the platform
Easily assign cards to drivers and see what they use it for, including granular transaction details such as fuel type, per gallon price, location and total discounts received.
Assign and track
Automate payment approvals
Set spending limits and rules, and get transactions approved through your RoadFlex dashboard. No more need for reimbursements for work-expenses.
Automate payments
Full visibility into every dollar spent
Track where and when your vehicles and cards are being used. Get alerted on suspicious transactions and lock the cards in a few seconds.
Full visibility
Close your books faster
RoadFlex will sync your account with Quickbooks or Xero to help you keep accurate books with detailed purchase data from RoadFlex. Create smart rules that automatically categorize expenses as soon as they happen.
Rules and limits
Manage your fleet
expenses with RoadFlex
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