Get approved today
No requirements necessary. Get approved for the RoadFlex Unlimited prepaid fuel card in less than 5 minutes.
Increase your profits, one truck at a time
Zero Requirements
Zero Requirements
  • Get approved without a credit score or financial statements.
  • No spending limits - spend as much as you want by filling up your RoadFlex Wallet, no caps
No Hidden Fees
No Hidden Fees
  • Save on average over $3,350 per truck annually
  • Stop paying for hidden fees such as out-of-network, transaction and late fees
  • Get full visibility on the fees that you pay
Save Thousands Yearly
Save Thousands Yearly
  • Save up to 52¢ per gallon on average
  • Competitive Discounts at all fuel stations and truck stops nationwide - over 140,000 locations!
RoadFlex saves you more than other fuel cards
RoadFlex UnlimitedOther cards
Limit on discounted gallonsNo limit!Only first 5000-6000 gallons
Account set-up fee$25$35-$50
Per-transaction fee$0Up to $10
Out-of-network station fee$0Up to $0.10 per gallon
Late payment fee$012% of overdue balance
Approval timelineGet approved same day regardless of credit scoreApproval will be up to 14 business days and requires proof of revenue
Spending limitsNoneCredit lines and spending caps enforced on every card
Per card monthly fees$3 per active card$6-$12 per active card
How much can RoadFlex save you? Find out now with our Fleet Savings Calculator!
A smart fuel card for fleets of all shapes and sizes
We partner with fleets of all sizes and industries, providing them the features and controls they need to take their business further down the road.
Simplifying expenses for specific construction projects, crews, job sites and client groups
Oil & Gas
Leverage fuel management to limit costs and optimize vehicle use
Giving utilities a unified fleet dashboard for real-time visibility across their fleet operations
Food & Beverage
Delivering goods on-time, with enhanced visibility, greater fleet insights and maximized productivity
EVs & Renewables
Purchase renewable fuels and recharge EVs. Supporting progress on electrification and fleet modernization
Last Mile Delivery
Optimizing daily deliveries with faster routing, cheaper fuel stops and increased mileage
Use RoadFlex for a smart fuel card accepted nationwide that allows you to purchase everything fleet-related
Field Services
Empowering field service providers and technicians to maximize profits and improve operational efficiency
Government Services
Helping government agencies across the US leverage real-time data to extract greater value from their fleets
Passenger Transit
Helping fleets increase pickup efficiency and passenger safety to maximize productivity
Advantages of the RoadFlex Fuel Card
RoadFlex was designed to help fleets cut costs and increase profits
Competitive Discounts
Competitive Discounts
Enjoy competitive discounts at all fuel stations and truck stops. Find the lowest fuel prices using the RoadFlex Driver App.
Accepted Nationwide
Accepted Nationwide
Use our cards anywhere Visa is accepted. Never worry about out-of-network fuel stations or fees again.
Pay For Other Fleet Expenses
Pay For Other Fleet Expenses
Enable fuel-only purchases or allow your drivers to spend on fleet expenses such as maintenance, tires or parking.
Control every dollar spent
Control every dollar spent
Set rules and spending limits for each card or driver, issue cards instantly and authorize payments in real-time.
Reporting & Tracking
Reporting & Tracking
Get full visibility into every dollar spent using RoadFlex spend management platform. See every digital transaction details by card.
Prevent Card Misuse & Fraud
Prevent Card Misuse & Fraud
Leverage RoadFlex SMS Security with Telematics to validate legitimate spending and receive real-time alerts to block fraud in its tracks.
Build your business credit with RoadFlex
Manage your finances and strategically position your business for long-term success
☆ Build business credit with every purchase
☆ RoadFlex reports monthly to Experian to help you build your credit
☆ No spend limits or credit lines
☆ Pre-load funds and spend without limits or restrictions
☆ Purchase more than just fuel. Pay for maintenance, tolls, lodging, insurance, repairs and more
☆ Consolidate your business expenses with RoadFlex
RoadFlex Premium Features
Empower your fleet
with RoadFlex
Get up and running in a few simple steps
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