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We are passionate about advancing fleet management and making logistics a more profitable business for everyone!
A US-based technology company building solutions for the most pressing needs in logistics and trucking. We strive for excellence and growing together as one.
Our story
The logistics industry utilizes outdated technology and is saddled with hidden fees. We believe fleets deserve better and are committed to help all stakeholders save time and increase profits.
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Our Values
Creating a unified technology solution to support fleets of all types takes an outstanding team working in a supportive environment.
While we work hard, we also value balance. We recognize, celebrate, and reward success.
We view leadership as a responsibility shared by all, and believe there is no limit to what we can achieve.
We care about our customers, partners and coworkers, and anticipate their needs to surpass their expectations.
We are satisfied only when we deliver great results. We are tenacious in achieving high expectations.
We are proud of how our authenticity, honesty and transparency earns each other's trust and the trust of our customers.
We innovate and are relentless in the service to our customers. We are curious and are energized when asked if there's a better way.
Customer Obsession
We always and constantly listen to our customers, and design new solutions to make their lives easier.
Everyone at RoadFlex is accountable for specific results that move the company forward.
Our business is complex with a lot of moving parts that requires everyone to work together within and across functions.
We get creative on how to achieve goals within our means, spend money where needed, and own and defend the decision.
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